Blog Post: 9/12/17


In my adventures of consuming film content, I jumped onto the nofilmschool podcast for my next fix of cinema content. This episode, “How Starting a Production Company Can Help You Make Your First Film”, was a little misleading in its title. Instead of giving helpful tips on starting a production company, or a series of reasons why I should start my own production company I was given an interview. It sounds like I’m complaining, which is slightly true, but I did enjoy the podcast! That’s because the interview was quite nice to listen to. Ashley McKenzie, a writer director, was the one being interviewed. She talked about her production company (just a little) and her first feature film. Her directing style really interested me. For the film, she used improvisational acting, and she even threw new things into different scenes. This style is very different from what I’m used to a very prepared script based style of directing. That style seems so frightening to be because of the unpredictable nature of that type of shooting, but based on the current reception of her film this risk sounds to have paid off. The podcast wasn’t on the topic I expected, but it was something I enjoyed.


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